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Church in the Rain
Painted at 11 years old.


St. Louis Missouri born, Florida based artist George Caras paints with a Post Neo Expressionist sense of playfulness with every slice of landscape. His works are about his life experiences with nature influenced by abstraction, realism, impressionism, cubism, and pop art.

George took to Photorealism and Impressionism during his years at Washington University School of Fine Arts in St. Louis, Missouri and was influenced with the works of Chuck Close, Richard Estes and Monet. He was also influenced with color theory which was best organized in a book by Frank Morley Fletcher with his Color-Control book.

His parents started him with adult oil painting lessons at 11 years old and before he started college he was already a professional illustrator accepting commissions and selling paintings throughout high school. His parents also sent him to study art in France, Italy, Greece, Egypt, and Israel. In college he studied commercial art and cardiovascular medicine. He became a professional medical and scientific illustrator and earned his medical license to diagnose cardiovascular pathology using ultrasound. In the middle of the 1970’s he managed to squeeze in a one man show at the Harmon Gallery in Clayton, Missouri and won best in show at the St. Louis Art Fair.

Between practicing medicine and accepting commissions from Sigma, Blue Cross and Blue Shield, he still had some time to show paintings at the Profile Gallery in Florida. He finally retired at 69 years of age to further expand his career in fine arts.

Since 2018 George has continued mastery of his art, and has created relevant series of works worthy of showing in any international art gallery.

George Caras Art

Port Richie, Florida, USA