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I am a Florida based painter, born and educated in St. Louis, Missouri. My art works are process-based, and I call my series of landscape paintings, “Landscape Painting Reinvented”. While basking in natures beauty, landscapes can take on new meanings which can sometimes produce for me new forms and new processes of expressing that natural beauty. Reframing old-school definitions of landscapes, natural beauty can coexist with the stylistic twists and turns that are influenced by the different schools of art theories as abstraction, impressionism, realism, cubism, and pop art. I choose to be influenced with a process that best fits my experience with that landscape.

My preferred mediums are oil, acrylic, water colors, pastels, charcoal, and colored pencils. My experience is within the medium and the process. I allow the art to massage our brain to receive the message of my experience.

I enjoy engaging in a fresh approach as each experience with landscapes are new and different each and every time. Within a body of art, media and the process continues to change, providing a “Post-Neo-Expressionist” experience reframing the old-school approach to Neo Eclecticism.

George Caras Art

Port Richie, Florida, USA